My Two Week Trial of Ocean Bloom West Cork Seaweed Skincare Products

Ocean Bloom West Cork Seaweed Skincare

Hi Everyone,

I was lucky enough to get a recently get a goodie bag from Ocean Bloom, West Cork Seaweed Skincare Products.  In the beautifully presented goodie bag, I received seaweed and stem cell  moisturiser, seaweed and poppy-seed facial wash and seaweed and poppy-seed facial polish.  I decided to use these products for two weeks and share my findings.

Cheryl Cleminson is an aromatherapist with over 20 years experience and she decided to create a range of organic seaweed skincare products and so Ocean Bloom was born.  Ocean Bloom is an exciting range of organic seaweed skincare products from West Cork. They are based on the beautiful Beara Peninsular in West Cork, Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way with its stunning mountain and coastal scenery.

Cheryl Cleminson, Founder Of Ocean Bloom

Organic Ocean Bloom natural skincare products contain seaweed extract and infusions made from seaweed gathered from the clear and pure Atlantic waters that surround the Beara Shores. They then blend the seaweed extract with some of the richest oils from around the world resulting in an amazing, seaweed skincare range. None of the natural skincare products are tested on animals, they do not contain any parabens, SLS, silicons, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils or any other nasties and they have no plastic beads.

Seaweed Moisturiser with SPF25

35.50 for 50ml

This moisturiser is light in texture and almost feels like whipped cream!  Ocean Bloom Seaweed and Stem Cell Moisturiser uses plant stem cells to stimulate the growth of our own stem cells, regenerating skin for a more youthful appearance.  This mosituriser is organic, free from silicones and sulphates (SLS), it has no parabens, it is free from DEA, free from petroleum and mineral oils and it is gluten-free.  I definitely felt that I looked 10 years younger after using this product.  It also contains natural SPF25, which is fantastic for people like me who worry about sun damage.  It is anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, regenerating, rejuvenating and anti-bacterial.  I really enjoyed using this product and my skin absorbed it beautifully.  The packaging is excellent.  The tub was easy to use.  It is not expensive for what you get.  I would recommend this moisturiser and I certainly will continue to use it into the future.  My skin will thank me for it!

Seaweed Poppy Seed Facial Wash – Fragrance Free

16.50 for 80ml

This Seaweed and Poppy Seed Facial Wash is fragrance free and is gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive of skin yet powerful enough to remove make-up, pollutants and daily grime.  The Wild Atlantic Seaweed serum in this facial wash offers ultra hydration, anti-aging and anti – inflammatory benefits and is packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Apparently, Seaweed serum is an essential ingredient for keeping skin looking youthful and radiant.

This facial wash contains Organic Coconut Oil to moisturise deeply and thoroughly, coconut oil provides a natural antibacterial shield and is also an antifungal with an spf of 4.  Also in this wash is Organic Avocado oil, boasting huge anti-inflammatory benefits to help sooth breakouts and damaged skin.  It is packed with vitamins A, D + E, Avocado oil provides a natural shield from ultraviolet radiation.

This wash is also rich in organic fruit extracts, (6 to be exact!), Apricot extract to firm and tone , Prickly Pear to promote anti-aging, Pear extract a rich anti inflammatory, Apple extract which is rich in antioxidants, Pomegranate extract for replenishing dull and dry skin and finally Cranberry who’s antiseptic properties treat acne and sores.

I used this detoxing facial wash twice daily for two weeks and got optimum results.  I massaged it gently into my damp skin then rinsed it off with a damp, clean cloth.  Be sure to use warm, not hot water and always use a clean dry towel to gently pat skin dry after washing.

I felt that it invigorated and revitalised my skin after sleeping.  It gave my skin a glorious cleanse and my skin never felt dry after using this facial wash.  The pump-action bottle was excellent for dispensing and the texture of the facial wash was creamy.  In general I used two pumps of product at each use.  I felt that it cleansed my skin without drying it out.  It felt luxurious and I absolutely felt that I was pampering my skin using this facial wash.  It was a pleasure to use and I would highly recommend this product.

Seaweed Poppy Seed Facial Polish – Fragrance Free

16.90 for 80 ml

This was my favourite product.  I absolutely loved it.  Ocean Bloom Seaweed and Poppy Seed Facial Polish is gentle enough to be suitable for both face and body, yet powerful enough to remove dirt and other residues while leaving your skin soft and smooth. This Seaweed Facial Polish brightens and freshens the skin when used two to three times a week. It removes dead skin cells for a younger, healthier, brighter skin.  It has a gritty texture, which I adore.  Around my nose area can get greasy and this facial polish was brilliant for giving my face an overall, deep cleanse.  It contains a mix of crushed mother of pearl, volcanic rock and apricot kernels.  The new polishes are all going to be in jars so they will be easier to use.  I highly recommend this product, especially if your face and body need a super special cleanse and exfoliation.

Overall, I believe that Ocean Bloom have created an excellent product range.  They make full use of the surrounding landscape and incorporate seaweed into their skincare range.  They are ethical, organic, pure and natural.  Nothing is tested on animals.  And the products are reasonably priced.  In a nutshell, I believe in what they do.  The products have a feel good factor to them and I feel that I am supporting local Irish jobs and also sustaining the surrounding natural environment.  The products worked wonders for my skin and I am actually glowing after just two weeks use.  I would definitely recommend them and I will continue to use them into to future.  They have a great website and online store where you can browse all of their products, check it out, here is the lin, just click, Ocean Bloom.  Cheryl’s niece Leila Sidley has now taken over the business and I wish here the very best of luck with the business.  Well done Ocean Bloom in creating an amazing West Cork Seaweed Skincare range!

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